Valerie J. Botter

Creative solutions for family transitions.


Valerie Botter is devoted to her clients, approaching each case with dedication and attention to detail. Valerie searches for the essence of the issues to be resolved and works closely with her clients to develop creative solutions. Below are several testimonials from several of Valerie’s clients (names and identifying information withheld to maintain confidentiality).

“When you are going through something that can be as financially and emotionally devastating as a divorce, you want to know you are in the best, most competent of hands. You want an attorney who has integrity but is also fearless, who is smart but also feeling, who has extensive experience and knowledge to bring to your case, and who is devoted to her work with you. Furthermore you want an attorney who is not afraid to be direct and tell it like it is, acting as a guide through what can be a otherwise disastrous  process. Valerie Botter is that attorney, and so much more. Unlike other divorce lawyers who have assistants oversee the bulk of your case, and who have a schedule so tight they barely know your case (let alone you), Valerie delivers. In my work with Valerie I felt consistently that I was in the best of hands. She worked with me personally, responded to me promptly, and went above and beyond, again, and again, and again. Even though my ex-husband changed lawyers mid-divorce to get the representation that he needed, I had Valerie in my corner from day one, and that made all the difference in the process and in the final result. Valerie Botter is a dedicated, sharp, and highly experienced divorce and family law attorney who I cannot recommend more highly.”

“As a physician, I am privileged to be a member of a “helping” profession. Until we mediated our divorce with Valerie Botter, I never thought of lawyers or mediators as members of a helping profession. Working with Valerie for divorce mediation completely changed my viewpoint. She is compassionate, understanding, calm, highly intelligent, and above all, she is an extremely competent and professional mediator. Her ability to assuage tense moments in the mediation process with empathy and levity made a difficult process less painful.

I spoke with many people in our community before selecting a mediator and Valerie’s name kept on coming up at the top of each list of recommendations. My former wife and I had very unique settlement goals in our divorce that other divorce professionals were concerned that no judge would approve. Valerie was extremely supportive and responsive to our needs. She worked tirelessly with us to create a detailed lengthy agreement that the judge ultimately praised in the court room at our uncontested divorce hearing. I highly recommend Valerie Botter for divorce mediation.”

One former client wrote this to Valerie after the divorce hearing: “I am so profoundly grateful to you. You took a situation that started out feeling so dire and desperate and hopeless for me and you got me to a really good place. You helped me to grow and to stand up for what I needed and to see who I am and you gave the courage to not lose hope. You work in such an organic, dogged, yet caring way. I feel unbelievably lucky that I had you as my attorney. There were so many times when things felt bleak, and yet as I got to know you, I had faith that you would see me through and that I could trust your judgment and instincts.  I grew up a lot in this process and I just feel so fortunate that our paths crossed. I think you are also really good at your job :). I really don’t know how to thank you for everything you did for me. I am grateful to be starting a new chapter of my life that I couldn’t even picture having when this started out. Much better than the old one. Thank you for everything.”

“Valerie Botter is the best lawyer that I could ever have imagined having and I am immensely grateful that she was available to represent me. She guided me through a complex and difficult divorce by giving sound advice. Valerie was so accessible that I felt like I was her only client. She would returned my calls and emails promptly and paid close attention to the details of my case. Valerie is savvy and professional, while also being honest and grounded.  She was exceptionally kind to all the people we interacted with, including my difficult former husband and his lawyers. Valerie knew what was reasonable to expect in my situation and was able to educate me about what the likely outcomes would be. She is knowledgeable and experienced in her field and I highly recommend her. Hire her while you can!”

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