Valerie J. Botter

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Arbitration is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). An arbitrator is essentially a privately hired Judge. The parties to a dispute select and hire the arbitrator to receive evidence and make decisions that are enforceable in Court. Arbitration can be a time and cost-efficient tool to resolve issues quickly, privately, and with less formality than the Court process.  Public figures, celebrities, and well known community members may prefer arbitration so that the litigation process is not on public record with the Court. Valerie is an AAML certified arbitrator who brings years of courtroom experience to render sound decisions.


Parenting Coordination is a form of ADR that is a hybrid of mediation and arbitration and is used to manage high conflict custody and parenting disputes. The frustration and expense of repeated trips to Court takes a toll on families, and Parenting Coordinators (PCs) can help resolve issues without litigation. PCs are typically lawyers or therapists who have experience working with high conflict families. A PC can help parents mediate when children will have parenting time with Mom and Dad during school holidays and vacations and help parents communicate more effectively by serving as a buffer between them. If parents are stuck in old communication dynamics, a PC can serve as an objective third-party with whom both parents can speak freely, thereby improving parental communication.

As a court-appointed PC, Valerie works with parents to resolve the issues by mediation. If there are still unresolved issues after mediation, she is empowered by the Court to make a decision as an arbitrator which decision is binding on the parties as a Court order, subject to a right of appeal. Ultimately, the court has the final say over child custody and visitation issues, but a PC can drastically reduce the need to go to Court and therefore reduce conflict for the children in that family.

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